Snickers and an ipod

There are ipod vending machines in the Dallas Fort Worth airport. 

If you have several hundred dollars in your pocket and you're standing around craving a Snickers and some tunes, well, there you are. ipods in all their varieties. There are more ipod options than candy options. Also the Sony PSP. And games.
No, children, I did not buy you one.
By the way. 
Are you brushing your teeth?
Saying your prayers?
Have you been flushing the toilet on a regular basis?
Have you tried on the $8 jeans we bought that bizarre Black Friday Morning? 
Turns out it was worth staying up for, by the way. I got to SeaTac airport Saturday morning only to discover my jeans had lost three tiny little teeth–just enough to permit the zipper head to pop off the track. You would think the button would be enough to hold them up, but you'd be mistaken. I made it through Security, etc, without actually losing the jeans, but had a few close calls. And the new jeans were right there, in the top of my carry on.

My bro-in law enjoys freaking the security guys out with his bullet proof dialysis thingy that looks like a briefcase. They pick it up and go, wow, this is really heavy. Then they put it through the x-ray machine and eyes about pop out of heads.  Sometimes expletives out of mouths. It shows up as a large bag of fluid and lots of wires.  Bombish.

Seattle to Dallas was pretty uneventful. I was sitting between a seven foot black man and a 6'2" white man. I tried unsuccessfully to reach a book in the bag between my feet, but range of motion is fairly limited when your elbows have become fused to your ribs. Fortunately the white man was friendly, and didn't mind a bit of jabbing. 
Dallas to Tampa, on the other hand, was pretty bumpy. Cap'n kept trying to find smoother air, and I concentrated on not losing my lunch. Ginger had Gravol–pour les enfants so I told myself it was okay. Drugs for kids, how bad can that be?

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