Should I go to bed and stay there for a good, oh, five hours or so?

Should I go to bed and wake up in an hour to go get that thing for you know who that's on extra super duper black Friday sale at Wal-mart?

Should I just stay up, blog for an hour and then go?

I think that might be easier.

I didn't realize it would take me five hours to pack my suitcase . Especially seeing as how my sister already packed it for me once. But there was this, and there was that, and there was laundry and M's clothes, and write the notes for kids to get off at a different bus stop all week and email the teachers and etc, etc. But now it's all packed. I think I have remembered everything.

Except the travel sized bottle of contact lens solution, which I will need to pick up at Wal-mart. See. I have to go to Wal-mart. Yes, I'd love to patronize any number of other retailers, but we live in small town America and the only other option is Safeway and nobody can afford toiletries at Safeway. Well. Maybe, if you're desperate. Yeah, you know who you are, and no, I don't resent the seven dollars.


I'm leaving. Hasn't quite set in yet.  

The plan is that I post all sorts of information and photos on here and save myself sending a lot of individual emails to my kids, parents, etc, since we do pay by the minute for internet out there on the boat. So if I don't post again in the next ten days, the wireless network is down. Or the whole boat even. Wayyyyy down at the bottom of the sea. 

Don't read that out loud to the kids.  




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One response to “Sleep?

  • This is Life

    Seriously 4:30 am at Walmart? Who does that? I don't know… saw you didn't I though!….. Hope you guys have fun! in fact I expect you to have a Humdinger of a trip! take lots of pictures and if you need anything done here… let me know! _(I have email on my phone so you can email me and I'll get it instantly!) mumovearls@yahoo-Nena

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