I've got two mothers who are due in December. They are both wanting care for their collective 5 children one, maybe two days a week until some time after spring break. Then they are both taking the summer off. They both want to know if they have to pay for their full time slot during this period. They have signed a contract at the beginning saying they pay a full time slot, no matter what. But I can't imagine really them affording this. . . Paid maternity leave is what? A few weeks, tops?

And I want to encourage them to spend as much time as possible with their babies, of course. I hate to have them paying me to do nothing–except they are asking me, essentially, to hold open five full time slots for the next nine to ten months for a negligible sum. One or two days a week–maybe–until April, then maybe six weeks until school's out. I could accept five more kids instead, but I won't do that because I like to keep families that know the rules/routines, etc.

And to think I was seriously contemplating reducing my load by half so that I could really give all my time and attention to these babies–good thing I kept my options open or I'd have had one or two kids left.


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2 responses to “Dilemma

  • Miss Spider (Charlotte)

    the money choice. I struggle with the money choice because I absolutely love it too much so God has put me in a situation where I don't really have that choice anymore and I am having to every day decide do I take less money and do the right thing or do I chase the wind and fly kites like I always do. I am struggling with this everyday testing the wind. I am ashamed to admit it. Now that I read your post I know that I need to stay right where I am. you do encourage me greatly!

  • Flamingo Dancer

    I guess I would say no you don't have to pay but I can't guarantee a place when you come back – business not personal

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