Got a thank you note (delivered in person) today from parents A and B. Wanting me to know that they thought I was a great provider and they do not harbor any ill feelings, and hope I don't either–just that they feel these two boys needed immediate separation. Which may be true. Today was incredibly calm. I don't know if his personality was just a catalyst for these specific children, or if he was just that one-too-many child that tipped the scales into chaos–because once he got used to the rules, he was a good kid–just didn't know when to quit sometimes with the other kids. It seriously felt like we were missing half the children today, not just two.

In any case, I think the withdrawal needed to happen, I just regret that it wasn't handled more calmly, on both sides. But it was the father handling it, for the most part, so what can a person expect? Don't take me for a man basher, by any means. I just think women tend to be more tactful in this type of situation. Of course, then we also frequently don't get it done, either. Always tiptoeing around other people's feelings, etc, often to our own or our family's detriment. I have to admire this guy in that when he saw something about his child's situation needing attention, it was immediate action.

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