Incredible audacity. . . or just my own gullibility?

This is how lame I am. Remember the lady that owes me just short of a thousand dollars? Well, the State owes me, but since she didn't get her ducks in a row, papers on file, whatever it was that she was supposed to do, they won't pay me. She disappeared without a word when she lost her job, leaving me with the bill.

I sent her a letter, as she wasn't answering phone calls, but got no response, and I know she's living at that address.

Two months later, I get this call. Caller ID lists her three year old daughter's name, then hangs up after one ring. Hmmm, I think, someone else with the same name, right? Thirty seconds later the phone rings and this time Caller ID says "Private Name, Private Number". So she's hung up, blocked her name, and then called back. Obviously not realizing that now I do have her number, as the first call went through.

She asks me if I can watch her kids for a few hours while she takes her mom to court.

I kid you not.

But I SAY YES!!!!

I ask her if she got the letter I sent, she says no, all friendly like, what did it say? I explain the whole thing to her, and she claims to have fixed it all just three days before. So I say, alright, bring them over. I call DSHS, and they say they haven't heard from her since June. They read me the list of contacts on this case, and every call I made is on the log, but nothing from her. She brings the kids over, comes back a few hours later, and tries to walk away without paying. I gently reminded her about what was owing and told her what the state told me, she paid for the day, and then off she went, promising to call the state the next day.

Yeah, right. I really don't care–I'd written it off as bad debt in my mind already, and I fully expect to never see any of it, but how amazing, the audacity!




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3 responses to “Incredible audacity. . . or just my own gullibility?

  • This is Life

    wow that is awesome… people do some of the strangest things… but really coming back to you? and you said Yes?… you need to hold the state responsible for the debt.

  • Kimber

    Not if she was lying to the state (most likely) and wasn't working. Or didn't qualify. She signed a contract in the beginning that if the state refused payment she would not bring her children without assuming responsibility for payment. I've got it in black (or blue) and white.

  • Flamingo Dancer

    Honey – you have got to learn to say NO! for your own survival…I also wish I had known you when my children were little!

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