And then there are the OTHER kind of parents

I had just two children that stay all night now, and they were really calm, but still, there they are, you know?

Today the mother lost her job/quit. Same place that has had all this craziness going on–I've had four different parents that have cycled through that place and got caught up in the politics to no good end. Including the liar I mentioned last post, who is now hired back on, along with others which occasioned this one quitting. Anyway.

So she came by this morning with a huge bouquet of roses and baby's breath and something else pretty, a bunch of balloons and ribbons and a thank you card. Awww. Sorry to give you such short notice, you are the greatest child care provider, etc. Awwwwww.

Thank you! I needed that.

Now, the question is, what next? At first I got this great feeling about quitting all night timers, even the two new ones I just accepted but haven't come yet. Maybe even all my Saturday people, too. Yeah!

And then I started looking at numbers. We could make it. But we wouldn't have anything to spare. I really wanted to pay off the van sooner than five years. And we just built this fifteen thousand dollar porch/playground area. Not on credit, but didn't pay off the seven grand we owe Sears for appliances, as it isn't due with any interest until May of 2009. Used that money for the roof, cement, etc. Really need to pay that off before I start slacking I guess.

I was reading an article about WAMU, which is our bank. Their stock has lost 95% of its value in the past 52 weeks. Yikes. FDIC insured, but what does that mean really? I feel like taking my money out and paying off Sears as fast as I get more. Do I really want to put more into WAMU's hands right now?

Not that I'm overly concerned, just thoughts that tumble about. It all really comes down to do I trust God or man, you know? Whether or not I accept more kids or ditch the six I've got on the chopping block; where my money is kept or not–has God ever let me down? Let me go without?


I've always had much and to spare. So much to spare that food spoils in my vegetable bins and at the back of my refrigerator and I'm constantly making trips to Goodwill to drop off bags of unneeded clothing and household items. No matter what I do, I know we'll have enough. I just want to do the right thing, the best thing. For my family, for finances, for other families that I feel a responsibility towards.  

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