Someone is sporting two pair of underwear

Three days in a row now I have gone into the bathroom after most of the kids are picked up, and have found a bundle of chunky underwear neatly tucked into the space between the wall and the towel bar. Hmmm, I said to myself the first day, someone pooped their pants, was too embarrassed to admit it, and went home without any underwear. Surely I will recieve a call from a concerned parent.

The second day I found a mystery bundle, I checked everyone except one child for the absence of underwear as they went out the door and so assumed it was the one. So the third day I watched this kid, and the minute he came out of the bathroom after an abnormally long stay, I checked, and sure enough, the third pair of underwear had materialized. I asked him about it. He denied it. So I checked, and guess what? He was still wearing underwear! And so was everyone else.


Someone is wearing two pair of underwear to my house. Brightly colored, comic book character type underwear that nobody who intends to bleach their unders ever buys. (I bleach all underwear/socks/towels/cloths.)

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