Nice Try, but you didn’t go see the Doc, did you?

Hey, how was work?

Good, how was your day?

Good. Hey, have you taken M to the doctor about his pink-eye? He's had it for several weeks now, and I'm not supposed to have him here with pink-eye.

Yeah . . . I've tried everything.

Didn't clear up?

Nooo, and you know I hate to put him on any more antibiotics.

Huh, that's weird. The drops usually clear it up real fast.

They have drops?

Yeah, it usually clears up in days.

Well, I tried the ones from Wal-mart–

No, these are actual antibiotic drops you get from your doctor.

Really? You just drop them in the eye?

Yeah. . . I'll see if I have any around here–hmmm, I don't see them, I thought I had some.


[On a sticky note] M will have to have his eyes cleared up before he can return to care. We've had some parents complain.

[To my Substitute, after reading the note] What?!! That's @#*&*@#! He's almost cleared up on his own. Kimber said she'd give me some drops–do you know where they are?

You'll have to talk to Kimber. 

[On her machine, moments later] Hey, sorry I wasn't here when you picked up the kids–I had to run over to the neighbors. I didn't have any drops. You know the walk-in clinic is open tonight–if you get him started on drops now, he should be clear by Monday. Give me a call and let me know.

[On my machine] Kimber, I'd like to talk to you!!!! 

[On her machine] Hey, sorry I missed your call. Call me back.

Prolonged week of silence/no show.

I hate to leave off like this–with hard feelings on her end possibly unresolved. I really do. I've called a few times and got no answer and no reply–granted, caller ID doesn't always work. But the thing is, as much as I don't want to leave off with bad feelings, at the same time, I don't particularly want this family back. Her eight year old son started peeing his pants about six months ago–like thirteen times a day–I think he's got a bladder infection. I told her he needed to see a doctor, and she tries to treat him with cranberry flavored fruit drinks. She doesn't follow any of the rules the state requires–I'm constantly signing in/out her kids for her because she can't figure out how, even when I hand her the pen. 

This is the woman who drops her kids off a mile away from my house, even in inclement/triple digit temperatures and never calls to see if they made it or if I'm even home–just comes back twelve hours later to pick them up. Tries to call and tell me to send them out to the street for pick up.  

I realized this morning that she really is the last of the crazies. Everyone else is pretty normal . . . The million dollar question: Why have I been enabling her behavior for the past 18 months? Or, alternately: Can I hope to have ticked her off bad enough that she won't come back? 

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