My Frozen Embryos

What do you make when fifteen kids want lunch right now and the bread is gone?

Pancakes, right? Fruit, pancakes and a couple dozen scrambled eggs. Done deal. You pick up the Legos; I'll make lunch.

So I'm banging away at the side of my griddle trying to get the darn egg to crack open and it takes me a good minute to realize nothing is happening. This is one tough egg, I'm thinking to myself.  What is it, mutant? Oh, wait. No. It's  frozen. All my eggs are frozen. Shouldn't their shells have split open? And have you ever seen a frozen egg? I ran them under warm water and peeled them like they were hardboiled.  The whites look like ice, but the yolk looks fully cooked.

I chopped them finely, and stirred the chunks into the batter. Set whole ones on the griddle and rolled them around until they melted into "scrambled" eggs. Very weird.


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