Jo-Ja-Qui-Win-WHATEVER your name is . . .

How many random facts you can recall at any moment? Faces/names, for example. How many faces could you name?

I have thirty children under my direct care, not all at once, and not every day, but there are that many enrolled and attending regularly. I know all their names and can spout them off pretty accurate when the need arises (Dustin, get that out of your nose! Off the table, Addison.). Plus how many other people? If you sat down and tried to list every name you can put with a face–famous, historical, personal–would you ever get to the end of the list? How about dates? Numbers–telephone, SS, accounts, PIN's, dates. The amount of information is truly staggering.

So why can't I recall my own children's names, hmmmm? It never fails that I run through all six names before hitting on the right one. Every time–and I don't do that to the other children in my care. Just my own. Explain that to me. It seems to me that I should be able to slow down and hit on the right name–but my tongue sabotages me, every time. Or my brain–or maybe that's the problem: with my own kids, the tongue has taken over–I'm no longer thinking about it because I've said the names so many times for so many things that they are all lumped together under one mental category.

Goal for the day: call my own kids by their own names. Can it be done?


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5 responses to “Jo-Ja-Qui-Win-WHATEVER your name is . . .

  • Ginger

    Avalin's real name is Ravalin and Erin is Rarin and Raanin

  • Kimber

    I've got a Telie and a Kylie who are sisters–I often call them Tylie and Kelie when I'm talking about them–but never to them. I never mix up David/Darrin/Dustin/Dylan, but my three J's are impossible. And I'm always calling for Quinslow. I did figure out one thing, though–when I'm ticked, it's always Jai-Qui–Wi! Like my brain automatically picks out the youngest three as the culprits. Hmmmmm. I never call Meg anything but Meg, except when I'm talking about her to someone in our family, and then she's always Nena. Go figure on that one.

  • Flamingo Dancer

    I think all Mothers go through all the names – it is just because we are always mult tasking. I do hate it though when my Mother calls me by her brothers' names…

  • This is Life

    I have a Zaymes, then a Za-Mikkel, then a Z-Mi-Beckham, and finally a Z-Mi-Bec-Hendrix! I don't know why we do this…Hey is Joey Watering? -N

  • Kimber

    Yes. Watering, with a capital W even–it's been hot, triple digits this week. Have a good time!

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