Keri’s survey, answered

I've been tagged–I think that means I'm supposed to answer this questionnaire and then tag someone else–like an invitation? So, feel free to accept this invite–if you're reading this–tag, you're it. Here's the questionnaire I was tagged with.

3 Joys-
Teaching–when they are absolutely riveted and so am I. Reading a really good book.  A clean house. I'm serious about this one–it has to be about the best feeling in the world to walk in and not cringe away from something that needs doing.

3 Fears-
(Keri, seriously, you're afraid of grasshoppers?) Never really accomplishing anything momentous. Um. Judging from my nightmares–physically losing a child, usually one of my youngest.  And third, having any of my children grow up and realizing I failed to instill in them something essential for their happiness or success.

3 Goals
Finish this house–inside and out! Every phone jack, every faucet, doorknob and floorcovering . . . Get in shape–stop laughing–really good shape (okay, so I'm defining "goals" loosely here, more like wishes) Third. Someday find myself teaching, really teaching on a regular basis, successfully. And not to belittle mothers, but I'm not talking about teaching anyone to button their jeans or fold socks, either.

3 Current Obsessions/Collections-
Yeah, I'm not much of a collector. I think it stems from my childhood–we moved alot, and I regularly have nightmares about trying to pack everything up, trying to sort out what's important to take and what I can leave [shudder]. So I tend to live like I might have to leave on short notice. Don't get real attached to things. Can I say I collect children?  Obsessions–numbers. I think I obsess over numbers, whether it's time or money or whatever it is–how many minutes/days/year will it take me to accomplish this thing? What if I do it this way? I'm constantly running numbers in my head, trying to outsmart the bank account balance, the clock on the wall, or the years of my own life. Third–if you want to go real current, I was obsessing all day over this really weird smell in my house. I think I finally found and irradicated it. I think. Swim towel. (And we're talking lake water swim towel, not chlorinated pool swim towel) 

3 Random/Surprising Facts
Hmm. Aren't all the above random facts? If not, here are some more. I think it's part of a different questionaire, but Keri, or someone before her, has lumped them all together.

A = ADVOCATE FOR: Honesty, for Pete's sake! Is it really that hard to just TELL THE TRUTH?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!

B = BEST FEATURE: I'm going to really stretch the definition of feature here.  . . .One you can watch without someone answering their phone, laughing loudly at unfunny moments, or asking you for a drink/pottybreak/kleenex.


D = DREAMS AND DESIRES:  See 3 goals, above.


F= FAVORITE PAST TIME: I'll have to agree with Keri here: Sleeping. Or maybe reading an entire novel while everyone else is sleeping. No matter how much I'll regret staying up all night, you just have to do it sometimes.

G = GOOD AT: Teaching

H = HAVE NEVER TRIED: Lobsters/oysters/anything else in that class

I = IF I HAD A MILLION DOLLARS: I'd probably only get to keep like $400K after Uncle Sam got his hands in it, but that might still be enough to survive on without working the equivalent of three fulltime jobs at once.  

J = JUNKIE FOR: Salty snacks and a good story–in either book or movie form.

K = KINDRED SPIRIT: You know, I looked this up in the good old Wikipedia database, just to be sure it means what I think it means, and all I came up with was a Chinese soap opera. Because I don't have any kindred spirits in the Anne of Green Gables sense of kindred spirits–bosom buddies of the same sex that never argue except maybe occasionally over Gilbert Blythe. But in spite of all my moanings a few posts back about the genetic disparity between men and women I'd have to say I married someone pretty close to what I'm like, as close as an XY and an XX can get, anyway. We agree on some pretty major issues, and I guess that's why we're still together 15 years later, despite all the differences–we're the same at the core.

L = LITTLE KNOWN FACT: A surprising majority of children ages 2-14 actually eat their own boogers. Which is better than eating someone else's, I guess.  I didn't believe it myself, but I have seen it with my own eyes. 

M = MEMORABLE MOMENT: giving birth

N = NEVER AGAIN WILL I: give birth. Which is sad, but not, too.


Q = QUOTE: "God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love and of a sound mind."

R = REASON TO SMILE: My new dining table/chairs.

S = SORRY ABOUT: Every time I was ever grouchy/short/snappish to my kids.

T = TAG SOME FRIENDS: If you're reading this, you're IT.

U = UNINTERESTED IN: Anything that comes with a contoller and rhymes with ideo games.

V = VERY SCARED OF: You know, I can't think of anything. Besides maybe giving birth, but what's with that obsession today?

W = WORST HABIT: Reading/Blogging when I should be sleeping.

X = X MARKS MY IDEAL VACATION SPOT: Really? Like you could put an ideal vacation spot on a map of this earth? Kidding, kidding, I'm not that cynical. Not really. But I don't know. Somewhere nobody knows me or my number?

Y = YESTERYEAR DECADE OF CHOICE: Pretty much anything but the 80's

Z = ZODIAC SIGN: Not as far as I know.  But they might name one after me yet. . . 

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