Hale-Bopp and incremental bm’s

I just read portions of the most bizarre website ever built. Remember that cult-suicide thing that happened when Hale-Bopp came around about ten years ago? Yeah. Their website is still available. How or why, I don't know–doesn't someone have to maintain a website somehow, or do they all just exist forever?

Anyway. Weird stuff. I get it that religions differ–but who would fall for this stuff? 38 people did, obviously, but what kind of people were they? Were their lives and minds that skewed, or did somebody drug them? Weird, weird, weird. How did I come across it? I don't even remember what I was looking for originally. I think it had to do with civil rights.  Or maybe a recipe for cheesecake.

I find myself in a restless, black sort of funk for no real apparent reason today so I've resorted to counting my blessings, and what do you know, I have a pretty great life. I live in a great place, healthy, etc, etc, etc. That a person in my position has any reason to be less than gleeful is ridiculous, so I'm going with chemical imbalance/sleep deprivation as cause. 

And why do some children poop incrementally? What's wrong with one or two really thorough colon cleansing episodes a day?  Maybe it's a sign of training readiness–they start, realize how disgusting it is to do it in their pants, and come ask for a new nappy. Then when they can't withold one more second, repeat the process. I could wish…


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