Adam and Eve

Speaking of experiencing death for the first time. (My cousin's cat killed a bird and her little girls were . . . well, little girls, death of small animals, you get the picture.)

Here's the thought I had. Adam and Eve were living in this paradise of a garden where nothing had ever died. Ever. Not even gotten hurt–they had no comprehension of pain or blood or anything related to death.

Then they disobey God,eat the fruit, and they are not only cast out of the Garden, but  "Unto Adam also and to his wife did the Lord God make coats of skins, and clothed them." (Genesis 3:16)

Think about that. You have never seen death, and then because of your actions, God kills an animal (or animals) large enough to make two entire outfits from. How sobering would that be? Your first lesson in Death, kids. Now put on these skins, and remember, every day of your life, that you made this choice. You are responsible for this animal dying.

Was it like that? Did they think about the first time they ever saw blood, every time they got dressed in the morning?

We also know that Adam and his sons offered the firstlings of their flocks as a blood sacrifice through all their generations down to the coming of Christ. Pure speculation here, but I wonder if that first wardrobe had something to do the first blood sacrifice So not only were they reminded of their fall every time they got dressed, but also that Christ's blood would be shed for them, to atone for it.


What do you think about when you get dressed?


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One response to “Adam and Eve

  • Ginger

    interesting thought
    I first thought about our garments and what they represent. But didn't they eat the fruit and knew everything. So they must have known stuff. Interesting.When I get dressed I mostly think about comfort and how to get my chest where it used to be….did i say that out loud. … no wait I typed it for the world to read. Like I am alone!

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