Nightmares and Onions

Monday morning. Pleasant surprise here. Five children are going to be late–AND THEY ALL CALLED to let me know. Seriously! What? Did someone send them my last post?

Not to mention the fact that I only have four children right now. All playing quietly. Does life get any better?

I had terrible dreams last night. And a few nights last week. You know the ones where you wake up feeling like you not only didn't sleep, but maybe you cried the entire night too? Crazy stuff. Dead and dying people. My house on fire with babies inside, no less. Costco no longer selling food for heaven's sake! Yeah. I went in there and it was all just an elaborate set. Instead of a cooler full of cheese (I buy an average of twenty pounds a month) I go in and ask for cheese and I'm directed to this cellar where there are actors who make cheese by hand, and I can buy wafer thin samples if I come back tomorrow. And instead of canned vegetables they have garden decorations, all made in China, and thrown in a jumble onto the shelves. And when I do get to the checkout with my one jar of applesauce that I found under a table, I can't find my wallet or any of my children. This was the least of the nightmares. The rest aren't suitable for relating.

Taught Sharing time yesterday. I've been attending Gospel Principles with a friend who is getting baptized this month, So I've been out of primary for over a month. I love teaching Senior Primary. They are so eager to learn and to share what they know. Junior is a real kick in the pants in so many ways, of course. Party because it is such a huge group. Anyway.

I think I'm going to take the 18th off. Or at least half of it. Since I haven't had a day off since Feb 12, I think. Did I take a day in March? Seems like I did . . . And I did go to the funeral in May. Need to go to Costco(cheese, peanut butter, yeast, sugar, salsa, pretzels, oil, peaches, pears) and to Demars to pick out carpet someday soon here. Tried here in town but it was pretty much impossible.  You care.

Claire just threw a quart jar of dehydrated onions across the room. Had to be the only glass container I had in my house. Well. Now I can say I don't have any, right? So go ahead and throw those #10 cans and the plastic jars. You go girl.   



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