Memorial Day

Six days ago!

How has it been six days since I wrote. See, this is why I always lose my journal–I think I just wrote in it yesterday so it has to be right . . . here. And I can never find the thing. Pretty hard to lose my computer.

We went up to Leavenworth–a little Barvarian village Northwest (ish) of Wenatchee–for Memorial day. Not too bad of a drive–if you disregard the child who had sulfur burps. You know what I'm talking about. How that much gas can come out of one animal is a mystery to me. Incredible. All the way up, all the way back. You couldn't even talk to this kid without wincing. And then you'd feel bad because of course everyone was on them, every time. Oooh!, they burped again! Open the windows! Poor kid, not like they had any control over it.

Went up Icicle creek/river/canyon, whatever it's called. Aunt Sandra says it's a great place to swim. I think she probably meant some time during the month of August, not during May flooding. It was beautiful, though, and we hiked around. Marty even took the kids up some seriously big cliffs that had me more than a little on edge, so they could look down on the raging torrent below.

I thought, seriously, if somebody falls, we might as well just get back in the van and drive into town, start making funeral plans, because they aren't going to survive. I uploaded all the pictures to facebook. Well, not all. But some.  

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